So, I have FINALLY found the first way to help defray the costs of running this website!

It's been over 20 years. It's cost me thousands, all out of pocket. I have toyed with many other ideas that wouldn't work for one reason or another over the years, but I think this one can do it without having any impact on anyone and without costing you any extra above what you already do. I am hoping to do more things that can help, but this won't cost you extra money as well. This is the first step....I have gotten involved in some affiliate programs! The links will be under this menu and there will be more over time!

Keep in mind, the point of an affiliate page is to drive traffic TO the vendor. I make a few cents for driving that traffic to them so my intention here is get them NEW business, not take away their existing business. if you have been buying from them already then my site didn't help them. If my site helps you find them, that's what this is about! If you know people looking who are not already customers, please send them to my site to buy! Hope that makes sense....

Thanks for helping!