Long Time Coming....

So, I have FINALLY found the first way to help defray the costs of running my website. It's been over 20 years. It's cost me thousands, all out of pocket. I have toyed with many other ideas that wouldn't work for one reason or another over the years, but I think this one can do it without having any impact on anyone and without costing you any extra above what you already do. I am hoping to do more things that can help, but won't cost you extra money as well. This is the first step....

I have gotten an affiliate page at!

Many of you are already buying karaoke tracks from them. I have bought some myself and they have been great quality!! They are even making some of the old tracks that nobody else but SoundChoice had made before and still going!

All I ask is that if you are thinking of buying them, perhaps you can buy them through me! Doesn't cost you anything extra and it helps! It really does! Every little bit helps!

For those who have never heard of it, is the online, download site for Cybersound/PartyTyme karaoke. It is completely legal and you can use the tracks in public and professional shows. They are NOT just for home use like YouTube and Stingray etc. You really should check it out!

Thanks for reading and this is the affiliate page on my site:

The direct affiliate link is here:

Thank you!!!!!


Publishing Show Times...

Q: Why don't I post show times on my website?

Quick answer: "law of diminishing returns".

A: I have been doing this a looooong time. I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the shows I have been to that have consistently started at the advertised time. It almost never happens. I have seen karaoke show ads in my group and websites that list karaoke at XX time but when I call the venue they tell me a different time. Not even those involved agree. Then there are football game nights.....and not enough singers to start yet.....and playing DJ music instead of karaoke for the first hour.....and whatever other "reasons".

Stated show times are rarely if ever accurate.

If it does start "on time" though.....what does it matter really if it's listed on my site? People are going to call the place or confirm with a secondary source before they go……right? I even confirm them myself when I go out even unless I have spoken to someone that is authoritative on the show. I do have a flag option for an “Early Show” which is defined as a show starting no later than 7:30. That really just divides shows up into “I have to work tomorrow” and “no, I don’t have to work tomorrow” groups.

So…..although I wouldn’t mind having times listed, unless they are accurate what good are they?

However.......anyone who wants me to put show times on their entry is welcome to ask and I'll manually do it. I just don't do it as a matter of course because: see above.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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KAA and Piracy

Howdy karaoke peeps. There was a recent incident in this group where a KJ who didn't know another KJ posted things on the first KJ's thread claiming they were a pirate and asked me to remove the original post due to this alleged piracy. I just wanted to set some things straight here.

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It's been a while...

Good morning folks! I haven't written in a while, but I wanted to send a reminder about how KAA works.
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A Singer's Guide

Since this blogger wrote this he has blocked me on Facebook. I can only speculate on why, but my educated guess is because he possibly uses a less than legal library and doesn't want the publicity. Sad, but true....:(

I am retaining the blog entry because it is well written and is a good contribution to the karaoke community.


Over the last 15 years, I've watched karaoke shows come and go and with it batch after batch of new singers. A good singer can carry a show, and a bad singer can break a show. That's what makes karaoke both beloved and despised: the performer is the variable that can't be predicted, bought, or cultivated for consistency. Karaoke is a peculiar, masturbatory art form and the people that enjoy it are a class of their own. If you're one of them there's several things you may not be aware of, especially if you're a newbie. So this guide is for you.

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