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Custom karaoke tracks!

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26 Nov 2013 10:57 #28 by Steve
Steve created the topic: Custom karaoke tracks!
Howdy folks. I wanted to give a shout out to Sudeep´╗┐. I found him on the net somewhere months ago because he makes CUSTOM KARAOKE TRACKS! I don't mean he customizes existing karaoke....I mean he can make currently non-existent songs into karaoke! he also does it for a much more reasonable rate than I have seen from other folks!

I wanted to wait until he did a few for me until I told all my peeps because I wanted to make sure the quality was good before I put my stamp on it. It is good! I will say that this is NOT his full time job so it isn't next day service and in fact can take awhile depending on how large your order is, but I have had him do several tracks for me already and they came out great!

You can reach him here on Facebook or on his website: http://www.masterofsounds.com/

Ask him to send you a sample if you want, but I don't think I know a karaoke singer that hasn't at one time wanted to sing a song that just wasn't available on karaoke. Here's your chance! If you end up getting something from him, please give me a shout out! I don't get a kickback or anything and have no business relationship with Sudeep, but I like to know if these announcements help folks!

Good luck!

Now for the disclaimer: Sudeep is not US-based. I have no idea what the legal implications are of having tracks made, but I'm guessing they may not be legal for use in a public show without additional licensing which you would be responsible for. Personally, I'm not a KJ so I recommend you check out whatever the applicable laws are in your area.

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