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22 Aug 2011 11:41 - 06 Nov 2011 04:52 #4 by Steve
Steve created the topic: What program to use
I was recently asked about karaoke hosting software via email. This was my reply:

I have a few programs I know about here:


They are not in a particular order, but I have experience with the first two. RoxBox, like Sax-n-Dottie’s and others, is a front end for WinAmp. However, I have found RoxBox to be a pretty good program and in my limited experience with S-n-D’s I’d say definitely superior to it. One of the greatest features is being able to search your library in real time for songs and it doesn’t have to be in any particular order….artist-title or title-artist. The search DB is built from your actual library, not from a 3rd party catalog program so it knows exactly what you have. I happen to know the guy who wrote it as well. He lives here in the Dallas area and offers great support, including phone support. The downside is that although RoxBox is compatible with all version of Windows from WinXP to Win7, it is not really being actively developed anymore. Regardless, for the price it’s a great program and I wouldn’t hesitate to use it. Frank also makes what I still believe is the only “every format” ripper/converter on the market! If you end up using RoxBox tell Frank I sent you! (no, I don’t get a kickback)

More recently I have also tried “Siglos Karaoke Professional”. It is still currently developed and is pretty polished. I admit I’m not as familiar with all the features as I have not used it as much, but I bought one of their other products and have been pretty happy with it. I wouldn’t say it is better than RoxBox, but it does have one advantage over RoxBox and that is it plays CD+G’s directly if your CD/DVD-ROM drive is compatible with CD+G. RoxBox can’t do that easily. It is also being updated still.

Many years ago I also tried Tricerasoft products and MTU products, but the stuff I used from them is not even made anymore so I can’t speak directly to their current quality.

I will add this disclaimer: I’m not a KJ. I have done professional gigs using RoxBox, but for singing shows, not for karaoke. Hopefully that answers your questions.

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