The rules/terms of use are simple:

  • This site is free

  • This site allows you to add/edit shows yourself so go for it!

  • Adding shows via the "Add A Karaoke Show" link in the Karaoke Directory menu is how you get shows listed.

 Simple, right?

Some other shhhtuff:

NOTE: If it happens in a public venue it's public. Therefore, karaoke shows are PUBLIC INFORMATION!  Please don't ask me to remove an active show from this site whether its yours or otherwise.

First........I will never charge folks for regular show listings. That's why I'm here!

If you see a show on the site and you want to claim it, email me or PM me on Facebook etc and it can be yours.....all for the low price of free! YOU can edit it yourself after that and it will also show up on YOUR community profile here on this site so people can find all YOUR shows in one place!

I try MUCH harder than other sites to keep listings current. However, I accept no responsibility for incorrect or outdated information. Karaoke is too fickle! If you find something here that is incorrect, please help make it better and tell me about it. Better yet, claim it so you can do the editing to make it right!

Like it says on my map pages......ALWAYS call before you drive!

Privacy Policy:

Let's get real.....this is the internet. If you are here you have already decided to take all the risks associated with that choice. I don't need to explain them here.

That being said, I do not purposely collect any data from you behind your back or under your browser. I run the common stats package Google Analytics, which does collect some data automatically, but nothing that isn't collected already simply by doing a Google search. It does not provide your name or any personally identifiable information that I'm aware of. It does collect your IP address which if someone wanted to they could get a general idea of where you were should they want to know. I don't really care and only use Google Analytics to collect general usage statistics. I don't and have not put any code in this site for the purpose of any bad stuff that your mom warned you about. If it exists it is incidental, inherent to the framework I used to build the site and I don't know about it.

I also do not share your information with any 3rd parties. If you haven't noticed, I don't even have advertising on my site. I am considering some in the future to help support the site financially, but I still will not share your info with 3rd parties and I will not charge for listing shows in the directory.

I do not SPAM people. I have sent out maybe a dozen mass emails from this site in the last 20 years. Facebook sends out more than that and they want to sell you stuff! Who isn't sick of hearing about how one of their 6,549 friends got a new kitten???

I don't sell anything.

Social Media Integration:

I have recently gone to a "social media only" registration/login method. I did this for a few reasons. Primarily though, because it's EASY! It allows you to log in with one click. No more filling out registration forms with email, etc. You never have to worry about your login information again! Simply click to login!

This of course begs the question about what info I'm "collecting" from your Facebook account. I'll tell you: your username and email address. That's it. Once you register you have the option of importing your avatar and status updates from Facebook or vice-versa, but the only info I get from your Facebook account is your name and email address. If any functionality changes in this regard, I will update this page.

I don't know if this document is considered legal, but it is my statement and I'm sticking to it. If you don't care for any of these rules, feel free to move on to a site that isn't so honest....;)